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The Smart Bubble® Way to Mail

Posted by Jerry Velona on Mar 13, 2019 11:16:07 AM

You’re a small business, maybe a one-person operation selling products online – selling small jewelry or socks. Or maybe you’re fundraising and offering premiums to people who donate. Or perhaps you’re doing a direct mail program and sending out something that needs extra protection. You need a way to mail that provides security and ensures your contents will arrive in tact. You could buy generic bubble mailers at the office supply store and slap a label on them.  Yeah, I know, pretty blah. 

There should be a way to have a custom printed envelope with bubble lining that allows you to show your awesome brand to your customers.  Actually, there is, but you have to order a minimum of around 20,000 to get them.  How many do you need?  500?  Oh well… 

But hang on, now there’s a solution for you – and it’s reasonably priced, and there’s no minimum, and you can print absolutely anything you want on several different types of envelopes; paper, Tyvek, Herculink or Paper Tyger. You can even use an expansion envelope for items that have added bulk.

Bubble Envelope with Smart Bubble logo 02

It’s called Smart Bubble® by Elite Envelope and Graphics.  Smart Bubble allows you to print anything you want – a four color logo, a splashy graphic image, a high-quality photo, heck, even full coverage front and back.  The secret sauce is our removable bubble liner which can be tailored to whatever envelope size you require.  This allows for a wide range of printing option with no degradation of the bubble protection.  And it’s “Smart” for another reason – the end user can remove the bubble sleeve once received and either reuse it or recycle it.  This means less plastic in the trash which is always a plus (not to mention something you can promote to your customers).

And because Elite generates more than half its power from rooftop solar panels, we can also include a “produced with renewable energy” logo on your piece – and it’s legit, not like companies that pretend to do this by buying Renewable Energy Credits on the open market.

So just to recap: you can provide the best protection for your mailing with these benefits:

  • No minimums
  • Wide range of sizes and stock
  • Virtually unlimited printing options
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Priced for small business

And let me also mention the best, personal customer service in the industry. Smart Bubble by Elite Envelope

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