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Top Five Printed Products for the Cold Web Press

Posted by Jerry Velona on Jul 31, 2015 11:45:00 AM

Elite Envelope Cold Web Printing

Whenever you’re reading an article about how to write a blog article for maximum exposure, lists are always mentioned as a way to pique reader interest.  We’ve all seen them; those ads on the pages we click on with titles like: “Top 10 things you should never say to your wife/husband/pet”, whatever. How can you possibly resist clicking on something like that? Of course once we get there (after waiting and waiting for the page to load with an enormous number of other ads and click-bait) we are generally disappointed by something pretty banal like: “Number Six:  Are you gaining weight?” (Cats are particularly sensitive to that question…).

I try to keep this blog more geared toward useful information of a general nature and not too “salesy”. Thus far I’ve resisted using lists but we do some great things on our webs and I think you’d benefit from checking us out.  So here’s my Top Five list (could have made it Top Ten but hey, you’re busy and I respect your time).  These are not necessarily the “top” items but rather five commonly printed products that work really well on the cold web presses of the type we have at Elite Envelope.  But enough!  Here’s the list (in no particular order):

Bind-in/Blow-in cards for catalogs –  These can be printed with either a single perf so the customer can tear off the pertinent information or with a “T” perf so a reply card can be sent back in the mail; generally for lead generation.   Also Buck Slips: These are generally included as part of a direct mail package; often containing an “extra special” offer or message. In some instances, we will receive the order for just this one component because we happen to be very competitive on them.

Mailers & Fliers – Letter and Legal size cut sheets are a great fit for our webs. We print 2 or 4 page fliers that can be folded to a #10 or 5 ½ x 8 ½ and mailed; also 8-24 page full color booklets that can be mailed. We will often get orders for letters that will be personalized later. We’ll print and ship flat in cartons to the fulfillment house. 

Statements and Invoices with Perforations – Another part of the cut sheet family; we produce enormous amounts of these for medical billing companies, banks, election departments, local and municipal tax departments and others. The webs do perforations in-line which can make a huge difference in price especially on large quantities. The webs can also do multiple perforations and right-angle perforations. 

Placemats -   Yes, placemats! 11 x 17 placemats are the perfect size for diners, cafes and the food industry in general and they work great on our web presses.  They can be designed with ads and other information and can be printed in beautiful four-color process usually on 70# paper at very competitive prices.

Donation and Bind-In Envelopes  -  Fewer catalogs are using bind-in reply envelopes these days but they are still being purchased and we can provide them as well as the same style of envelope used by many non-profits for the mailing back of contributions.  These differ from regular envelopes in that they are end-glued without side seams so not as bulky when they are inserted into a booklet or catalog.  They can also be made with a lip at the end of the flap which is used for properly binding the item.


On any of these items, we can print up to 8 colors (4/4) in bold, sharp quality.  Please contact us if there’s anything we can do. As always, we love to get your comments as well.

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Direct Mail Printing on the Cold Web

Posted by Jerry Velona on Feb 13, 2014 9:41:00 AM

Elite Envelope Cold Webs

Cold web is a type of offset lithographic printing done on presses that print sheets from rolls of paper.

In cold web printing, the ink dries by absorption into the paper. For this reason, cold web presses print only on uncoated stock.

Cold web printing has long been the choice of many print buyers for a wide variety of direct mail components. Printed products such as 2 - 8 page letters, 4 page brochures, buck slips and the like are all produced very cost-effectively in this way.

Collateral material for catalogs such as bind- in cards, blow in cards and applications also work well on the webs.  They can be printed on text weight stock or mailing weight such as 7 point or 9 point high-bulk with single or multiple perforations done in-line for maximum efficiency.

Billing statements, cut- sheet laser letters, letterhead typically produced on either 8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 14 size sheets all are an excellent fit for the webs.

With all the various products crossing a print-buyer’s desk, it’s sometimes not easy to determine the best method for producing each specific piece. A typical printing company may not have all the equipment necessary to produce each item in the most cost-effective manner.

A smart print-buyer will practice what’s known as “print-specific buying”. This simply means that each component of a various package will be sourced to the printer that has the right equipment for that particular piece. This may take a little more time and effort but it will ultimately lead to each piece being done in the best way at the lowest cost. 

What Makes a Great Job for the Cold Web?

Stock  -   Must be uncoated and within a weight of 30# at the lightest and 9 point high-bulk (approximately #115 text) at the heaviest.

Size – the cold webs print from rolls down to sheets. The largest possible sheet size measures 22” x 23”.

The most common cut sheet sizes coming off the press are 11 x 17 and 17 x 22.  The ideal sizes that cut or fold from those sheets are:

6 up - 3 ½ x 8 ½ buck slips or cards

2 up - 8 ½ x 11 cut sheets

1 up - 11 x 17 folded to 8 ½ x 11 – 4 page booklet

8, 12 or 16 pages – 8 ½ x10 ¾ folded, glue bound or saddle stitched

While these sizes are popular and the most economical, there is no limit on the sizes that can be produced on the cold web provided it’s at or below the maximum sheet size of 22” x 23”.

Color – anything up to 8 colors including 4-color-process on both sides (4/4) can be handled easily. This is done in a single pass saving time and cost and ensuring uniform color and coverage throughout.

Quantity – beginning at 5,000 (minimum) up to 1,000,000 + (depending on the item)

Products that Work Well with Cold Web Printing

Direct mail components in general. Think about what is inserted into an envelope, 2 page - 8 page letters, 4 page brochures, buck slips and the like.

Collateral material for catalogs such as bind- in cards, blow in cards, and applications all work well on the webs.  They can be printed on text weigh stocks or mailing weight such as 7pt or 9 point hi-bulk with single or multiple perforations.

Statements, Bills or Letterhead – These are typically produced in letter or legal size both of which are an excellent fit for the cold web. 

Folded letters or Disclosures – These can be folded either to fit in a #10 or in a tight, map-style multi fold.

Brochures, Newsletters and Booklets

Placemats, Pads, and a Plethora of other Products! Including anything with a Perforation

We hope you find this information useful. Your comments, as always, are much appreciated.


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