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Top 5 Reasons to Use Tyvek for Your Next Mailing

Posted by Jerry Velona on Jul 25, 2018 11:37:13 AM

DuPont’s Tyvek has been around for many years and has a reputation for durability and functionality in the mailing world. It’s a synthetic material which is also used as a first layer to wrap houses which gives you an idea of the durability part.

Tyvek is more expensive than regular paper envelopes but it has one property that makes it well worth considering for mailings; it’s a lot lighter than paper.  Most large envelopes used for mailings are either 28# or 32# weight.  Tyvek’s most common weight is 14#.  So simple math says it’s half the weight or less of paper envelopes.  Going to the next ounce in postage costs around 21 cents per ounce.  So for 1,000 envelopes, you’re saving around $210 per thousand in postage by avoiding the increase in weight of the mail piece – pretty impressive.

The sleek look and smooth feel of Tyvek is pretty much guaranteed to get your mail opened.  It prints really well – even with full ink coverage.  Your brand will stand out and be noticed and the recipient will understand that this is not just any mailing, but rather something important that deserves his attention.

It’s virtually impossible to tear which makes it ideal for mailing anything that has rough or sharp edges; like a spiral bound booklet for instance.  It’s also water resistant which ensures it will hold up and look better when delivered especially if it’s raining!

Tyvek envelopes from Elite Envelope

Tyvek is available in a wide range of sizes; from small, credit card size envelopes up through jumbo sizes as large as 22 x 27 inches. Tyvek envelopes are also available with side expansions up to 5 inches for bulky packages. 

 And, perhaps surprisingly, Tyvek is 100% recyclable. A nationwide recycling program collects used envelopes and recycles them into other useful materials. Tyvek itself is contains an average of 10% post-industrial waste content.


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Print Tyvek envelopes – and recycle them too.

Posted by Jerry Velona on Jan 23, 2012 10:51:00 AM

Sometimes things just don’t happen the way they are planned. The Dupont website tells the story of one of their engineers who accidently noticed a type of stringy polyethylene fiber as a by-product of one of their production processes. It took 12 years from that point for the company to take that initial discovery and connect the dots but in 1967 the first commercial Tyvek products were rolled out and have been used for various applications including envelopes ever since.

Today there are two plants that manufacture the product: one in Virginia and the other in Europe; Luxembourg to be precise.  From there, two separate envelope plants in the US actually convert the rolls of Tyvek to envelopes. The rest of us buy our stock from them.

Printing Tyvek envelopes can be a little tricky. Despite their toughness, they are very light in weight which makes them quite pliable; more so than a paper envelope. In addition, Tyvek is very slippery which can make them hard to handle; not unlike coated paper stock.  Water vapor can penetrate the substrate but not liquid itself. The waterproof quality of Tyvek is one of its main selling points.  Given that offset printing is a water-based process, getting ink to show at the proper color can be difficult

 Elite Envelope jet press for printed envelopes

Some envelope companies will shy away from printing on Tyvek but at Elite Envelope, we do it all the time with excellent results.  Our presses will print up to 12 ½ x 15 and we can do heavy solids and certain bleeds.

Tyvek envelopes are more expensive than paper stock but because of their extremely light weight, high volume mailings can save considerably on postage which can offset some of the increased cost. Mailing thick inserts which could cause tears in paper during the mailing process are easily accommodated by Tyvek envelopes.

From an environmental standpoint, Tyvek is not as easily recycled as paper. However Waste Management offers a kit which can be used to mail 225 square feet of material which they will then recycle. Elite Envelope believes in recycling wherever possible so we will offer this kit free of charge to any customer who places a Tyvek order. Just mention this blog at the time of your order.  

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